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Poof - Premium Honey Dripped Cereal Flavored e-Juice


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Poof is Mech Sauce’s incredible version of a honey-sweetened crispy cereal in milk!

  • Get premium quality vape juice at crazy-affordable prices.
  • All of our flavors are made right here in the USA.
  • Each one of our ingredients is pharmaceutical-quality so you know you’re getting great taste every time.
  • We ship fast to most US states and to tons of countries across the globe.

If you’ve been looking for a way to recreate early mornings with a bowl of cereal, this is the perfect flavor for you! We meticulously blended the flavors of honey-sweetened milk with crispy, delicious rice cereal to bring your childhood back to you. This is a great taste for mornings but is also great whenever you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth!

  • Available in 30ml or 120ml bottles.
  • 3mg/ml nicotine only
  • Available in MAX VG PG/VG ratio only

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    Posted by Christina Friesen on Aug 29th 2016

    POOF is spot on Honeycomb. This stuff is AMAZING !!! It comes pre steeped so no need to put it up and let it work it's magic. I'm ordering 2 bottles next time because one goes entirely too quickly. TRUST ME..... this was doesn't disappoint.

  2. Best Cereal Vape

    Posted by Yaron G. on Aug 28th 2016

    Ranks as the one of the best cereal vapes I have ever tried. Fits the description perfectly. Mech Sauce have created a perfectly balanced crispy honeycomb flavor that you can vape for hours. Tried it right out of the bottle and I am sure it will only get better as I steep.

  3. Great honey and sweetened corn cereal taste

    Posted by Ana on Aug 28th 2016

    I love cereal vapes and this is a really good flavor that taste exactly like a honey sweetened corn cereal. Great honey, sweetened oat/corn cereal smell with a little bit of butter. The flavor has a very slight throat hit, but not enough to not make it an ADV.. It actually reminds me more of Corn Pops cereal than Honey Combs, but I still love this one. Great cereal vape.

  4. damn it this stuff is good

    Posted by PaulB on Aug 14th 2016

    man this stuff is good. most heavily honey based juices can be pretty harsh, and this one has some bite but its doable, but overall, damn it this juice is good. this is has replaced, atleast for now, my normal ADV Mech Milk. I love this stuff and will keep coming back for more so long as the FDA lets us.
    as others have stated it does have a buttery taste but not like popcorn butter even though everyone around me says they smell popcorn, to me it doesn't taste like it, it is a creamy dry honey buttery cereal.

  5. Smooth and buttery

    Posted by Jeff McCall on Aug 11th 2016

    So far one of my favorites! Originally started with the 30ml, let it steep for a week and ordered a 120ml shortly thereafter. Great juice and value!

  6. Like other said, great right of the box!

    Posted by LeeAnn on Jul 12th 2016

    Pretty delicious. I'm glad that the smallest size was 30ml when I ordered this, because DAYUM. Not only did they nail honeycombs, but this is the butteriest flavor I've had that's buttery in a *good way*. But it's also not too buttery. Not too sweet, not too corny. Balance is great. The only thing for me is that I don't like the aftertaste- the one that sets well after vaping- which is why it's a four star for me. While I'm vaping it, it's delicious, and it's definitely been an ADV at times. Very mellow and inoffensive scent, too, if you were vaping at someone's house who allowed it, but doesn't vape themselves, or stealth vaping. I hope they keep this on the lineup for a while.

  7. The stuff vape dreams are made of

    Posted by VapinDave on Jul 6th 2016

    Just like corn pops. sweet, not too strong, smooth awesomeness. Buy the biggest size you can, thank me later

  8. poof big smiley face

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 4th 2016

    Flavor was amazing best I have got from mech sauce so far , Keep mixing and I'll keep buying :)

  9. Poof! And it's gone!

    Posted by Christopher C. on Jul 4th 2016

    Doesn't necessarily taste exactly like honey combs, but man its amazing! The first few puffs I took after steeping kinda tastes like butterrd popcorn. But then... ADV flavor came through. It's like a sweet grainy corn cereal. Definitely not too sweet though. That's why I love it! I've never gone through a 120 ml so quick... This flavor better not go anywhere! My second order is in the mail. I'm so disappointed that I'm gonna have to wait for it to steep. Guess I'll have to vape medusa-milk, mech milk, mech sauce, Apollo's nectar, Captain loopy, Berry sabotage, and some other high end stuff that's not half as good. Mech Sauce definitely turned out to be a diamond in the rough for me. I'm so glad I found this company! I have no problem waiting for steepage, when the end result is a lil piece of heaven. Keep up the great work! I'll be a loyal customer as long as things stay the same. Gonna go check my mailbox. Sure hope Poof is inside, and not just bills... Haha! Happy 4th of July!

  10. really really good

    Posted by larry on Jun 24th 2016

    this is not a poof this stuff is more like a bomb going off. great honeycomb taste

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