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Lucky Arms - Premium Lucky Charms Cereal Flavored e-Juice


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Lucky Arms e-liquid will bring your taste buds the toasted oat and marshmallow flavor of your favorite cereal!

  • Choose the perfect size bottle of our premium vape juice.
  • Pick how much nicotine you need. We also offer nicotine-free e-juice.
  • We use pharmaceutical-grade ingredients so you know that our products are of the highest-quality and consistently delicious across batches.
  • All of our e-liquids are made in the United States and meet or exceed all legal requirements.

Everyone knows how hard it is to catch a cereal leprechaun but with Mech Sauce’s Lucky Arms vape juice you’ll have all of the wonderful flavor of his cereal without any of the hassle of chasing him down and swiping his box of cereal! We have designed our recipe to perfectly mimic everything from the creaminess of the milk to the crunchy toasted oats and everybody’s favorite little marshmallows. No one does it is well as we do, so get a bottle or two for yourself today!

  • Our shipping is quick.
  • Our Max VG option gives you the biggest clouds.

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  1. Not bad!

    Posted by Jason on Apr 16th 2017

    Taste is subjective... This juice is Definately tasty but to me is not lucky charms. When it first came in (shipping was super fast!) it did taste like cake batter like others have mentioned. After steeping a couple weeks the flavor profile has mellowed out but tastes more like captain crunch without the berries to me. It's still vapeable and very inexpensive (30$ shipped for a 120ml) but has missed the lucky charms mark for me. Don't hesitate to give mech sauce a try though. Can't go wrong!

  2. The best breakfast blend I have EVER had

    Posted by RDHOUSTON on Mar 24th 2017

    This has a AWESOME flavor. Just like the real deal I will definitely buy this again. The last time i had a cereal ejuice this good was when i paid $28 for 30 ml. Bought 120 ml at 3mg nic 80/20 VG/PG. For the price I couldn't pass it up. This ejuice has true quality of a premium blend. Using the OBS 25mm tank in TC with SS316 duel wrapped 28/32 at 3mm ID. At .27 ohms 450 degrees with 50 watts for preheat. Has a great cloud and again huge flavor.

  3. Great flavor

    Posted by Daniel shane ivey on Feb 16th 2017

    Best juice ever

  4. Delicious! but not as described

    Posted by Rich on Feb 5th 2017

    This juice is amazing! But taste more like cake batter then it does lucky charms! Great all day vape!

  5. Great all day vape

    Posted by Corey P on Jan 10th 2017

    This jucie is spot on. Extremely consistent. I have been vaping this juice for over a year now exclusively. It's a great all day vape. It's very smooth for those long hits. Every single time I get a bottle it taste exactly the same. Always spot on. As the other reviews say, this juice will not let you down!

  6. Omg!

    Posted by SC79 on Dec 23rd 2016

    1st and foremost taste is subjective

    My goodness this one right here along with circus face are my absolute favorites from mech sauce so far. I have only a few more to try out from the lineup but this one is Amazing. Perfect to the flavor profile! You get everything that lucky charms offers even the wheat cereal flavor which meshes so well in this juice. How they got that wheat flavor is crazy but that with the marshmallow and creamy milk taste. ..nailed it! Oh and that was straight out the mail,can't imagine a week steep...if it last that long. For sure will be getting a 120ml.

  7. First time order

    Posted by Kenny on Dec 6th 2016

    I first tried lucky arms on an out-of-state trip I bought it at a shop in North Carolina after the store owner had suggested I try and sample some of their Mech sauce juices... Was in sort of a rush and tried 3... everyone I tried was superb... But Lucky arms blew me away!... I purchased two bottles on the spot and immediately jump out the sauce I previously had in my tank and refilled it for the ride back home to Virginia, the whole way home my car smelling like I was swimming in cereal! The Taste was absolutely outstanding and that all I vaped until both bottles worth gone... While after returning... bugging my favorite vape shop to order i the line, because I could not find it anywhere around here... So I finally log on to the mech sauce site and immediately went for the 120 milliliter bottle ... The service was stellar... Arrived sooner than expected and I could not rip the packaging open quick enough! Immediately washing and filling my tank as I wanted nothing else to dilute or interfere with that flavor I instantly Came To Love and became my favorite... However the bottle I bought at The Vape Shop was a solid five stars.. hell... 10 Stars if I could give it... But the bottle I received in the mail was not nearly the same as what I had purchased at that vape shop... through a whole tank even switching my old coil for a new one, the flavors seem to only be 60-70% of what the original flavor was when I was introduced to the flavor which was rather I figured I'd let it steep for a while because maybe the flavors need time to really blend and mature together as they would on the Shelf at a vape shop... Or perhaps it was short an ingredient,or may not have been properly mixed when I ordered it I hope one of these two reasons are the case because since I first tasted this juice and the shot it became my instant favorite all-day I said before I went through the two bottles I bought ...non-stop until they were gone... Then to my surprise I look at my old bottles which I still have and I had a little corner left and one of them so I decided to try that in my tank to see how it differs from what I just ordered and The Taste was absolutely amazing so I'm sure that either it was not mixed properly or needs to steep for a much longer time as when I opened the old bottle to get that corner the flavor and smell was intense and mind-blowing just as it was when I first tried it... My first instinct was to return it for a refund but the service was stellar and every flavor I tried at the shop by mech sauce was outstanding I'm just hoping that I can get another bottle that the original experience gave me upon trying this sauce... even switching my old coil for a new one... the flavors seem to only be 70 percent of what the original flavor was when I was introduced to the flavor which was rather disappointing so I figured I let it steep for a while because maybe the flavors need home to really blend and mature together as they would on the shelf at a vape shop. When you get introduced to a stellar flavor you expect consistency with that flavor and I am hoping this juice comes around to the expectations that the first bottle has set... I have recommended everyone I know even those I don't to this site and I will continue to order from this site as my other bottle of Medusa's milk was pretty damn good I'm just hopeful that if my lucky arms does not come around to full flavor that day May straighten me out with a replacement bottle or something because as I said ... The original bottle I had of this ... Became an instant classic for me my all-time favorite all day Vape... as it may just need to steep I still recommend this flavor my first bottle was absolute fire!!!

  8. DOPE

    Posted by AM on Nov 28th 2016

    Do you like sweet, subtly cereal flavored treats? Do you like a smooth hit? Do you like being punched in the mouth hole by Rainbow love burst? Then this is the choice for you. The dopist dope ish since dope came to Dope Town. Never gets old. Stay lucky, my friends.

  9. My #1 go to everyday all day vape!!

    Posted by Don on Oct 7th 2016

    Spot on flavor & nice n creamy!! I always let my Sauce steep for a week or so & it's always straight fire

  10. Amazing Smell and Taste

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 3rd 2016

    Could use some more marshmallow but it's amazingly creamy and full of flavor.

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